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Wilderness in the City

More and more lately I’ve been hearing stories on the news about wildlife being spotted in the city. I live near a suburb in Chicago and seeing the occasional fox or deer is normal for me. However, a few weeks ago, a cougar was shot in a very popular district in Chicago. Even more recently, a young child was attacked by a coyote while playing in the park. Her nanny rescued her before the animal could drag her off, while her mother looked on!??? I don’t know what her mother’s problem was. But what the hell is going on? With the housing developers building more and more on land┬áinhabited by wildlife, animals are being forced to cohabitate with us, or not survive. I feel terrible about this. Not to mention that this shit is scary. I mean, how does a cougar end up in a popular restaurant and shopping area in the middle of the city?


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Can you blame it on the liquor?

People get into some crazy s*** when their drunk. They cheat on their significant others and wake up with perfect strangers. They cry over their exes, fight and pee on themselves. They streak down city streets! I’m curious because I’ve never been wasted in my life. How much of your control do you lose when you are drunk? Have you done these things and between you and me (and the rest of the online community), does the liquor bring out the worst in you or does it simply free you from your inhibitions? Did “Baby, I was drunk,” really work as an excuse?

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Is Monogamy Natural?

John made a very interesting comment. (Thanks, John!) He said that humans are “naturally hedonistic.” I think he has a point. This brings up a question that has probably been posed over and over again throughout time. I have been married for nearly a year and am happy. But this concerns me. Are we, as human beings, going against our natural instincts when settling down with one person? Personally,┬áI am satisfied, and I’m pretty sure my husband is too. But who knows what the future holds. I can’t help but wonder if this is true and why it seems so much harder for men to stay committed.

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We’re in a Recession!

I chose not to return to work after having my baby 3 months ago. However, I discovered that they had laid off 600 employees from another division! Geesh! People are losing their jobs left and right. Families are in foreclosure. The housing market is completely deflated. Gas prices are rising and people can barely afford to get to work to earn a living. To top it off, inflation is increasing at a frightening pace and the American dollar seems to be worth so little, I wouldn’t be surprised if a year from now, they eliminated the 1 dollar bill from our currency! Excuse my sarcasm. I’m still pretty young (26). But when I started driving, gas was $1.50 a gallon in Chicago.

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What Happened to Dating?

People meet, hook-up and have sex. Then a relationship may or may not sprout. That seems to be the gist of what is going on nowadays. Sex is so available and promiscuity is the new norm. It’s almost as if you’re obligated. Me, I’m married. But my single friends discuss this delemna with me all the time. That dating just isn’t the same anymore and that waiting is a foreign concept. Is this real or has my perception been skewed by MTV?

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What a Rip-off!

Has this all been a freakin’ set up? I feel like I’ve been played. I went to grade school and stayed on the honor roll. I went to highschool and probably could have done better. Still, I did well. I went to college and maintained my 3.0 to keep that little scholarship. I wracked up quite a bit of debt in student loans. Graduated and got a job. Enrolled in the company 401K Plan; work long hours, get little praise and am expected to kiss ass for the next 45 years to climb the corporate ladder. Then retire on Social Security that may not exist and retirement funds and investments that will gain me a mediocre lifestyle at best, considering the rate of inflation. Of course there are those who would say I was wrong, but their title is “President” or “CEO.” Personally, I feel like I’ve been duped. Perhaps I’ll become a drifter. Or maybe I’ll just accept my fait and become a greeter at Walmart when I’m 70.

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Why Must I Say Anything?

Because it’s on my mind.

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